"Impressions" show at Yangshuo

If you are ever in the Yangshuo area, you should not miss the "Impressions" performance by Sanjie Liu - who also directed the Opening Ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

It is astonishing.  It's performed out of doors in a the theatre pictured here, with a backdrop of limestone mountains.  I have 'borrowed' these pictures from the programme website (http://yxlsj.com/english, which has many more photos of the water stage it is set on), as I didn't get many good shots while I was there, plus I didn't want to watch the whole thing through a view-finder!

There are around 100 or so professional actors and 600 extras from the local villages.  The extras and the some of the actors are also river workers who have spent much of their lives making a living from the Li River.