The limestone mountains of the Li River valley

Guangxi Province is home to some amazing geology.  I went a bit snap happy today as we sailed up the Li River for over 4 hours, amongst the Limestone mountains.

If this blog software works as expected, this is the order of the pictures:

  1. Heading off in the flat bottomed boats
  2. The first of the limestone mountains.  The peaks that remain are actually a mix of limestone and granite, making them stronger than the surrounding limestone, and hence why they have survived the erosion.
  3. The large green fingers of vegetation to the left of this photo is bamboo and it's bushy leaves.  Appeared in some hidden dragon film thingy apparently.
  4. Cormorants ready to head out for a day's fishing - see the HSBC ad for more details, or even better, the BBC's Wild China programme (DVD available now from Amazon for less than 9 quid).
  5. Boat-side traders get ready to meet us in the middle of the river, and flog us some of their wares.
  6. More limestone
  7. Yet more limestone
  8. The Loo!
  9. the view from the loo!  Must be the best view I have ever wee'd to!!
  10. Cat's Ears mountain formation
  11. Same as above, but in close-up, and with tasteful inclusion of bamboo plants.
  12. Another river-boat overtakes us.
  13. Oh yum - some Snake Wine being dished out (it was gross apparently).
  14. This is the view that appears on the back of the 20 Yuan note.
  15. This is the back of the 20 Yuan note!
  16. Somebody's dinner cooking
  17. Okay - the last limestone / bamboo combo.
  18. Me in a wee cab thingy avoiding getting soaked just after getting off the bod - it was tipping it down.