Loading-up the Dhows

At the old port on Dubai Creek the Dhows get loaded (or perhaps it's unloaded) with all manner of goods.  These small vessels usually trade with Iran.  Many of the heavy goods are awaiting the one daily visit the local crane makes to lift the heavy stuff on or off the boats.

The Sail

Correctly known as Burj Al Arab, this 7-Star hotel sits on a small artificial island just off Jumeirah Beach (where those two dirty brits were arrested for outdoor rumpy-pumpy).

Here's the Mall with the fish tank

This is the tank in the Dubai Mall.  It has a few ‘biggests’; it’s the biggest shopping mall in the world, it is the biggest suspended fish thank in the world (whatever that is), and is next to the biggest (well, tallest) building in the world (more on that later).

You can walk through the tank in a glass tunnel for £5.